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The O Gallery

Art is an event, something which should be experienced. At The O Gallery, we want people to feel comfortable walking through our doors to view, contemplate, and become inspired by the artworks gleaned from Cleveland's talented artists. We believe art connects people, helps to build communities, and creates lines of communication. Art has a therapeutic effect, which reaches the deepest parts of the human soul. It is our delight to make art accessible to everyone as well as provide opportunity to other gifted artists.

Kristen Olsen

Kristen Olsen, owner of The O Gallery, was born in Los Angeles, CA, and raised surrounded by art. She was encouraged by both parents to express herself through her creations at an early age. It was not until her service in AmeriCorps NCCC that she realized she could turn her love of art history and creating into a career. Kristen acquired her degree in Art History and Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. She came to Cleveland to obtain her Master’s in Art Therapy at Ursuline College, which she completed in 2012. She has interned under prominent figures in the art world, familiarizing her with the different aspects turning art into a business. Her work has been exhibited in several venues in Ohio, and she recently had the honor of showing work in Rome, Italy.

Olsen uses a wide range of materials to illuminate her perception of the world, and is always searching for new methods.She feels it is a balance between excavating her inner self and absorbing the world around her in the process of finding herself as an artist, which is an ongoing journey. Through practicing art therapy, Olsen is able to stay rooted in the pure intent of creating art, and yet she equally loves the business side of selling art, which is a psychology in and of itself.